Mobiliti Signup

  • To use Mobiliti, you need to already have signed up for Fieldstone Virtual Branch, and know your Logon ID and Security Code.
  • The app should work on tablets, too.  To use your tablet, use these same instructions and just substitute the word “tablet” for “phone”.

Downloading the App

  1. Go to the App Store or Google Play, depending on if you have an Apple or Android operating system, and search for “TouchBanking”.  Download the app. 
  2. Launch the app. When prompted, enter fieldstonecu for the App Code, and enter your Virtual Branch logon ID where it asks for User name.  The minimum length for the logon IDs is 6 characters. If your Virtual Branch logon ID is shorter than 6 characters, add zeros to the beginning to reach 6 digits.
  3. Answer the challenge question if presented with one.  This would have been one of the questions you answered when setting up Fieldstone Virtual Branch.
  4. Enter your security code when prompted.
  5. The “Terms and Conditions” will come up.  Click “I accept” if you accept them, or “I decline” if you decline them and do not want to use the phone app.
  6. After it verifies your information, you should see your balances.  It should be self-explanatory from here.

    Note – Many financial institutions share this TouchBanking app.  If you are a member of another institution that uses this, such as CommonWealth Credit Union locally, while your account is up, click the “More” tab at the upper right.  Then click “Manage Financial Institutions”.  This is where you would go back and forth to log into the different institutions.