Other Products

Fieldstone Credit Union is Where Members Matter Most. We focus on meeting the needs of our members with lower rates on loans, competitive dividends on savings, a diversified range of financial products, friendly and professional service, and long-term security.

Visa Check Cards    

A Visa Check Card is two convenient cards in one! As a Debit Card, you can use it to make retail purchases –– online or in stores. Unlike a credit card, however, the funds are transferred immediately from your checking account to cover your purchase.

You can use it as an ATM Card to withdraw cash from your savings or checking account and to transfer funds between your accounts at our no-surcharge ATM, at any one of AllPoint’s 35,000 surcharge-free ATMs, or at any ATM in the United States.

ATM Cards    
A CUCash ATM Card is the perfect way to access your funds at an ATM if you do not have a checking account. You can withdraw cash from your savings account at our no-surcharge ATM, at any one of AllPoint’s 35,000 surcharge-free ATMs, or at any ATM in the United States.
Reloadable Debit Cards    

A Reloadable Debit Card allows you to spend only up to the amount that you have pre-deposited (loaded) onto your card. You can pre-deposit (reload) additional funds onto your card at any time.

A Reloadable Debit Card is safer than carrying cash and can help you manage your finances because you can’t overspend. You can use our Reloadable Debit Cards everywhere Visa is accepted.
Visa TravelMoney Cards    

No matter where your travels take you, say Adios! to paper travelers checks and Aloha! to Visa TravelMoney Cards. When you use your TravelMoney Card, your purchase is deducted automatically from the amount of money that you have stored on it.

  • Accepted Everywhere You Can Use a Visa Credit Card
  • Issued Immediately at Fieldstone Credit Union –– No Waiting!
Fieldstone Virtual Branch    

It’s like having Fieldstone Credit Union in the palm of your hand. Fieldstone Virtual Branch is available 24 hours a day, seven days on week on the Internet.

  • Check the balances of your accounts, including your loans.
  • Make transfers between assigned accounts.
  • Make loan or Visa payments.
  • View copies of cleared checks (both sides).
  • Schedule one-time or recurring transfers up to 18 months in advance.
  • Receive automatic notification of failed transfers.
  • When necessary, change or cancel transfers.
  • Send and receive electronic messages to Fieldstone Credit Union.
  • Export your transaction history to your personal financial management software, such as Microsoft® Money or Intuit Quicken™.
  • Select private security codes.