Our History

Armour Kankakee Credit Union officially changes its name to Fieldstone Credit Union: Many paths. One destination. The new name reflects the “fields of stone” (175 acres of farmland) where Armour and Company built a $14 million plant in 1950. Those fields of stone laid the foundation for the credit union and for its growth as a major full-service financial provider.

Armour Kankakee Credit Union becomes a “community” credit union Where Members Matter Most, providing financial products and services to families in over 100 villages, towns, and cities within a 30-mile radius of Kankakee.

Our field of membership is expanded to include all full-time employees of Armour Pharmaceutical Company and their family members.

Name changes to Armour Kankakee Credit Union

Name changes to Armour Pharmaceutical Credit Union

Armour Laboratory Employees Credit Union opens as a state-chartered financial provider to serve the employees of Armour Laboratory and their family members.